One of the biggest challenges that Integration tools face these days on the data level, is the requirement to be able to transform data between different formats, across different platforms especially for legacy and modern systems. It is a bit unfortunate that simple transformation from JSON formatted data to XML is not something flexible and straight forward to do, especially if we want to customize the generated output, across different endpoints.

ChameleonCDT is a (SaaS) cloud data transformation tool which comes in handy to empower your business's data transformation needs by leveraging the power of cloud and its ability to outperform current data transformational tools without any limitation to the format of data it deals with.

  • Highly customizable to support different data formats as input and output.
  • User friendly mapping interface even for intermediate users.
  • Field level data manipulation supporting concatenation, aggregation of data Inputs/outputs.
  • Easily integrated with 3rd party Rest API endpoints to enrich data.


Highly interactive and user-friendly interface to design your Data mappings between different formats. Productive user-experience which helps end users to achieve a lot in simply clicks.

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Tool is very simple that you won't need a manual, however, we do believe that you will need references, such as user manuals, technical and functional documentation to lean on whenever you feel you want to learn more about our fantastic features and functionalities.

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